ASV Platform and Manoeuvring Test Development 2018-2019

The SCC is running a project that explores the ability of small, 5-metre autonomous workboats to independently carry out various manoeuvres. The project entails the development of an ASV platform and producing an autonomous model to conduct manoeuvring tests. The autonomous model will be capable of emulating different types of workboats. The model will be equipped with a novel self-steering and test data collection system.

Manoeuvring tests allow the evaluation of vessel steerability and response speed which are especially important in the case of ASVs where direct human control is limited. The new, self-steering technology cuts down on time spent on models tests in both towing tanks and on open water and improves testing accuracy. Model tests become more affordable and readily available to ship manufacturers.

Current model tests in the SCC include resistance and seakeeping tests in a controlled, towing tank environment. Towing tanks are too small for manoeuvring tests; hence, the new tests are being developed for the open water.

The project is led by the Small Craft Competence Centre of the Tallinn University of Technology. The SCC develops the manoeuvring test. Partnering the project are MEC Insenerilahendused, the leading marine engineering company in Estonia, whose role is to create the ASV hull concept and technical design, and Estonian GRP experts Composite Plus, who will produce the test model.

The project receives support from the European Union Regional Development Fund.