The Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership project SHIPMARTECH aims at upgrading and harmonisation of Master’s-level courses in Marine Engineering/Naval Architecture through cooperation of four universities: Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia, University of Zagreb in Croatia, University of the Aegean in Greece, and University of Naples Federico II in Italy.

Upgrading and Harmonization of Maritime Engineering Master’s Level Courses

Objectives and aims

  • Upgraded, harmonised and more clearly aligned courses and Master’s level programmes in Maritime Engineering/ Naval Architecture;
  • Improvement in quality of curricula and subject courses;
  • Improvement and diversification of teaching methods and formats via digital and blended learning;
  • Facilitation of internationalisation and student /staff mobility during the project and further – the courses developed will be available in English (in addition to the language of their initial creation).

Intellectual output

The intellectual output of the project includes an online-hosted set of subject courses (approx. 20 courses, a total of 122 ECTS) for Maritime Engineering/Naval architecture Master’s level students developed, adjusted and harmonised by multinational workgroups of teachers.

Each course is equipped with digital support for blended/e-learning and prepared for making available for international students studying in English.

Courses have harmonised descriptions (aims, objectives, ECTS, content, learning outcomes, assessment criteria; learning resources, instructions; analysis of course testing/piloting).

Course development process is based on the results of the development needs analysis (February – August 2021) of each course to be upgraded and harmonised. The components to be developed in each case, are assessed and defined.


  1. Course development needs analysis (Feb – Aug 2021)
  2. Upgrading and harmonisation of courses (developing Intellectual Output/IO) (Nov 2021 – Sep 2022)
  3. Testing/piloting of courses (Apr – Nov 2022) 
  4. Course refining and making courses available (Dec 2022 – Apr 2023) via project webpage and via each partner university e-learning platform
  5. Learning, teaching and training activities:
    • Joint staff training events and work group seminars (12-14 Jan 2021 TalTech EE (virtual event), 3-5 Nov 2021 UNINA IT (physical event), Mar 2022 UNIZAG HR (physical or virtual event))
    • Intensive course and short-term mobility for teaching and learning (Oct 2022 TalTech EE)
  6. Multinational project management meetings (online and/or face-to-face, one meeting per semester Nov 2020 – Aug 2023, in EE, IT, HR)
  7. Multiplier events – International dissemination seminar in Greece (June 2023) and in Estonia (Aug 2023)