Towing tank services

  • Resistance test
  • Seakeeping test
  • Roll decay test, dynamic stability test
  • LCG optimization tests
  • Wedge/interceptor trim optimization test
  • Streamline test

Towing tank characteristics

  • Total length of the basin 60 m
  • Measurement distance 46 m
  • Breadth 5 m
  • Water depth 3 m
  • Distance between the carriage and the water surface 0.75 m


Wave generator


  • linear (1st order Stokes wave) and nonlinear (Jonswap, Pierson-Moskowitz, ISSC, TMA spectra) waves
  • wave heights range of 0-0.35 m
  • wave lengths range of 0.2-20 m
  • wave frequencies range up to 2.8 Hz

head sea test or seakeeping test



  • The carriage structure enables variable connections between the model and the carriage
  • Possibility to connect one model of up to 3 m with towing point
  • The towing point is adjustable height- and lengthwise
  • The maximum weight of a model is up to 200-250 kg
  • The vibratory response and the deflection of the carriage at its midspan is below 1.0 mm during the test run.
  • The maximum speed of a model is 5.5 m/s
  • The minimum acceleration and deceleration distance is 6 m.
  • Model speed accuracy at the required speed level is 0.01 m/s.
  • The accuracy tolerance of the carriage trajectory is 0.1 mm/m in relation to water surface.
  • Carriages absolute position with respect to the basin is determinable at accuracy level of 20
    mm at any given moment.
  • Carriage speed with respect to the basin is determinable and recordable at accuracy level of
    0.01 m/s.
  • Carriage speed is controllable and adjustable within 0.01m/s.
  • The acceleration and retardation are adjustable within steps of up to 0.01m/s

Model workshop

  • Model workshop: 5-axis milling machine 3×2,5x1m
  • Model design: NX, SolidWorks, Rhino etc
  • SCC model requirements


  • 22m Wave Piercing Patrol Boat


(Picture of patrol boat in real size)

  • 45m Multi-functional patrol vessel

towing tank model test patrol boat

(3D picture)

  • 18m Wave Piercing Patrol Boat

(3D picture)

Ongoing tests

  • 18m Wave Piercing Patrol Boat

Price list of services

  • Producing a model
3 000 – 5 000 €
  • Model setup
     (4 000-4 500)
    Marking the water lines and sections; determination of centre of gravity and gyration; equipping the model with accelerometers, towing force dynamometer and draft change gauges.
150 €/h
  • Resistance tests
    (at 2 loading conditions 12 speeds about 5000 €)
    Measurements of towing force, dynamic trim and draft change; documentation of wave pattern and spray by photos; estimation of the wetted surface and waterline length; analyses and report.
150 €/h
  • Seakeeping capabilities tests(Head sea tests)(at 2 loading conditions 2 irregular wave spectrums and 3 speeds from 8000 €)
    Measurements of added resistance, vertical motions, and accelerations at three points. Analyse of wave and spray deflection.
150  €/h




Experimental research, model testing

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Naval architecture, hydrodynamics, model testing

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