The Small Craft Competence Centre offers product development services to industrial and technology companies. The services of the SCC support companies in creating innovative designs and devices. SCC material and model tests, automation and electrical systems consultations, training courses and other services help various companies grow.

Model Testing

  • Seakeeping tests,
  • stability and resistance tests,
  • towing tank and open-water, read more.

Design and Engineering

  • Design, engineering, 3D modelling,
  • hydrodynamic calculations,
  • various specialist software, read more.

Materials Lab

  • Tensile and flexural testing in controlled climate,
  • fatigue and accelerated aging,
  • various specialist equipment, read more.

Mechatronics Lab

  • Automation and electrical systems, PLC systems and CAD-CAM consultations,
  • electrical measurements and analyses,
  • 3D printing: FDM and SLA; read more.

Industry Insight