Refences of Small Craft Competence Centre

Baltic Workboats. 18m Wave Piercing Patrol Boat. References-wave-piercing-patrol-boat-45m
Baltic Workboats. 45m Multi-functional patrol vessel. References-patrol-boat-45m
Latvian Borderguard. Hull geometry and plating thickness assessment for Latvian Borderguard vessel. latvian borderguard hull geometry and plating thickness assessement
Muvor – 4.5 m motorboat – stability tests and determination of design category references Muvor desing
Baltic Workboats. 22m Wave Piercing Patrol Boat model tests.
Resistance and seakeeping tests.
Kasse Paadid. Kasse 420 3D model and drawings. kasse-150x150
Polar Yacht Manufactory. Electric boat s stability tests and determination
of design category. The electric boat eLex was awarded with the German Design Award 2016 Special Mention.
Roundhouse – seakeaping test and design development
for a rescue catamaran
Hammarprodukter – fatigue and strength tests of bird repellent fixtue hammar-150x150
Kihnu historical vessel – 3D model and miniature model production kihnu-150x150
Association of Estonian Boatyards – Qualifications exams for boatbuilders refences-association-estonian-boatyards