Lainergy prototype will be tested at Small Craft Competence Centre

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The Lainergy (Wave Energy Company) team is hard at work preparing for the testing of their 1:3 prototype at Tallinn University of Technology Small Craft Competence Centre in Kuressaare (SCC).

Testing is planned to spring 2017. The SCC has a unique modern facility in Estonia, equipped with the Baltics largest towing tank for testing vessel designs.

Ocean wave energy research is a new page both for SCC and Estonia, Lainergy team involves scientists from six countries.
The new method of harnessing ocean wave power generates electricity from wave movements from oceans regardless of the wave types and with costs that are comparable to oil shale based electricity production. Also the technology has claimed to be cheaper than other alternative energy sources.
CEO of Lainergy, Nikon Vidjajev says, that their technology can be used on ships and offshore sector, but the most intriguing application is the use in combination with wind energy production: For windparks our solutions can give additional power and also actually protect the turbine constructions from too harsh sea conditions .


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