Grant to TalTech for Research in Experimental Hydrodynamics

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Tallinn University of Technology scientists won a grant from the Estonian Research Council for work in experimental hydrodynamics between 2018 and 2022. The project, led by Senior Research Scientist Kristjan Tabri, has a budget of over 700 000 euro.

The project focuses on optimizing ship design through computational fluid dynamics, more specifically, on developing a fluid-structure interaction (FSI) model for medium-sized vessels. The FSI model allows simultaneous evaluation of a ship’s behaviour and its structural response under hydrodynamic loads. Results will be validated by experimental tests in the TTÜ Small Craft Competence Centre towing tank.

The research stems from the International Maritime Organization’s assessment that ship design and safety can be taken to new levels. The FSI model, as a modern vessel design tool, helps achieve the optimal design goals set by the Maritime Organization.

In addition to Estonian scientists’ contribution to international ship design, the project is a milestone for the small craft competence centre. With the launch of a high-level academic research project, SCC has reached one of its main objectives in addition to providing testing and training services to companies – to use SCC research laboratories to develop methods of computational hydrodynamics.

The project also contributes towards excellence in teaching. Applied higher education students in Marine Engineering at the TallinnTech Estonian Maritime Academy benefit from researchers acting as lecturers and from diverse practical learning opportunities.

The research team is led by Kristjan Tabri, TallinnTech Senior Research Scientist, and includes Hendrik Naar, Associate Professor, Mihkel Kõrgesaar, Aalto University postdoctoral researcher, Mikloš Lakatoš, TallinnTech Early Stage Researcher, Henrik Andreasson, hydrodynamics expert, and Tarmo Sahk, Head of SCC Laboratories.



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