Name Author
The effect of low stress triaxialities and deformation paths on ductile fracture simulations of large shell structures
Mihkel Kõrgesaar
Material selections for ASVs
Mari Valgma
Spray rail performance in off-design conditions
Mikloš Lakatoš, Tarmo Sahk, Henrik Andreasson, Kristjan Tabri, Mihkel Kõrgesaar
Effect of weld modelling on crashworthiness optimization
Mihkel Kõrgesaar, J. Romanoff, L. St-Pierre, P. Varsta
Combined strain rate, mesh size and calibration test influence on structural failure: Miniature ship grounding test
Miguel A.G. Calle, Roberto E. Oshiro, Mihkel Kõrgesaar, Marcilio Alves, Pentti Kujala
Mikloš Lakatoš, Tarmo Sahk, Risto Kaarma, Kristjan Tabri, Mihkel Kõrgesaar, Henrik Andreasson