SCC and TTÜ biorobotics researchers carried out towing tank tests

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SCC and TTÜ (Tallinn University of Technology) biorobotics researchers carried out towing tank tests of a new, pressure sensors based water velocity measuring device of an underwater robot. The device is intended for future application in environment monitoring and archeologic research.

The device has been developed at the example of fish biology. Currently, the device is in the development and calibration stage. In the future, the robot may be assigned with a task based on perceived information.

The aim of the work is to develop a cheaper, smaller and lighter device compared to those in use today. The characteristics allow attaching the device to small size underwater robots. A core team of 15 researchers is engaged in the development but more people as well as labs outside Estonia are involved in the work.

The technology development process has been going on for several years, but its operational stage was reached last September. The data gathered during the tests in the towing tank allow further tests of the technology on real robots in Spain in forthcoming months.

The development is funded under the 7th Framework Programme project ROBOCADEMY.

Further information:
Mihkel Läänelaid
TTÜ Biorobootika keskus
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Anni Hartikainen
Väikelaevaehituse Kompetentsikeskus (SCC)
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biorobotics carrying our towing tank tests biorobotics carrying our towing tank tests