Aims and functions


  • a developer of the engineering knowhow on small craft building;
  • a promotor of the Estonian small craft building and maritime industry;
  • a provider of sector-specific R&D and testing services.

The objective of SCC is to develop engineering knowhow and to transfer it in businesses. The
Centre provides consultation and model testing services to the small craft and maritime sectors,
carries out tests of and develops materials to be used in seawater and maritime climate as
well as provides services in the design and test-production of electronics systems. The Centre
organises training and seminars for small craft engineers, supports the study programme of
Small Craft Building and Maritime Engineering in Kuressaare College of the Tallinn University of
Technology and is involved in R&D activities.

The main function of the Competence Centre is attracting and accumulating professional know-how in small craft engineering. Next to the small craft design and optimisation, these measures also include application of electronic systems and material technologies, training engineers, encouraging inter-sectoral and international cooperation and implementing a variety of soft development activities.

Research interest of Small Craft Competence Centre

The two main R&D headings of the Centre are visioned as sustainability of the environment (e.g. application of organic and smart composite materials in seawater environment etc) and efficient use of resources (e.g. optimization of vessel designs, their energy usage etc).

Material development is focused on the application of natural materials in lamination technology that can result in producing and usage of fully recoverable polymer composites in small craft engineering as well as in other sectors.


Please make a contact with:
Head of SCC
GSM: +372 514 5968